Sitecore Publish Status Module

When you work with many items in the Content Editor in Sitecore sometimes it is difficult to track which version of a particular item is published. It becomes even more difficult when you have many languages in the current Sitecore instance.

This problem inspired my colleagues Alex Kamburov, Nikola Gotsev and me to develop a module that simplifies the content editors` work.

Publish Status Module adds a panel in the Publish ribbon of the Content Editor. When you select an item in the Sitecore content tree you can immediately see the current publish status for the English language and also there is a button to see the publish status for all languages.

There are 6 different statuses for an item:
1) Latest is published
2) Not latest revision
3) Not latest version
4) Not published for language
5) Not published to database
6) No publishing targets


Publish Status screenshot



The module supports Sitecore 7.0 and above including Sitecore 8.




You can download the module form Sitecore Marketplace:

The source of the module can be foundĀ at GitHub:


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