Hedgehog ist ein Berliner

Hedgehog was invited to participate at the #SUGDE event on 29 September 2016. The only available speaker was me so I started packing my bags.

We took off together with Stefan Ivanov our Business Development Manager. It was the first journey to Berlin for both of us and we were very exited about it! The flight went smoothly and we arrived in the capital early in the morning. Of course we did not miss the opportunity to take a selfie in front of the
Reichstag building


We had some time to walk around and buy souvenirs and presents for our friends. Berlin is a really beautiful city and the time that we had was not enough for me. I will definitely go there again!

We arrived at the #SUGDE event place at about noon where we met Chris Wojciech – one of the #SUGDE organizers and the person who invited us.

After some snacks and of course Sitecore discussions, the event began.

The first session by Sebastian Winter was about Sitecore upgrades. It was a very interesting war story about the upgrade case that he had with the complicated infrastructure of Metro Sebastian shared some good practices that he followed during the upgrade process.

Just after Sebastian it was my turn. The topic of the session was “Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery ” with our products TDS and Razl.


Most of the people at the event already were actively using TDS but Razl was pretty much new for them. I went thought TDS new features that came with the latest version and how Razl can be used for moving content between different Sitecore instances.


I think that the presentation went well since I received good feedback from the public.

The next presentation was about NitroNetSitecore by Lars Schilling. It was a very interesting session about a new paradigm for building Sitecore components.

Just after, Christopher Huemmer walked us through Sitecore Multisite implementation best practices.

The last session for this #SUGDE event was by Friederike Heinze. She did a recap of the Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans. I did not have a chance to go to the Symposium and I found out that I`ve missed a lot. Next year I will definitely go there. It will be in Las Vegas which makes it even more interesting!

By tradition just after the event we all headed to a German beer house where I tried German homemade beer – the taste was really wonderful.


There Mark Cassidy received a plushy hedgehog.


On the next day we joined October fest just for a beer


Just after, we took off back to Bulgaria full of good impressions and memories!

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